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RTCLSR Clear Snow Guard

$5.42 / EACH

Product Information


The RTCLSR Structural Rib snow guards are manufactured in a clear polycarbonate with U.V. stabilizers. RTCLSR Structural Rib Snow Guards have a unique vent rib system that allows for adhesive out gassing, which increases the shear and mechanical strength. The three to one base to blade ratio adds significantly to the shear and peel adhesion of the device to the surface.

Superior engineering, along with the structured ribs, prevent common blade breakage.

CAD Drawing

Additional Information

For recommended installation use surebond adhesive: 

1 tube of surebond sealant will adhere approximately:

12 to 14 RTMINI

8 to 10 SM, RTCLSM, or RTCLSR

The RTCLSM has a pencil rib on the bottom of the guard is designed to be placed on the flat areas of a standing seam roof. The RTCLSR has larger gap and is designed to be placed over the stiffening ribs on a ribbed style roof (see attached).  

Snow Guards

Prior to installing the RTCLSR over a minor rib using either adhesive, or mechanical attachments, remove only the section of baffle from the underside necessary to accommodate the rib.  This is easily accomplished with pliers and a twisting motion, (see illustration) and the remaining portion of the baffle will help prevent adhesive creep.  

Snow Guard Placement

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