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RT Mini Clear Snow Brake

$2.15 / EACH

Product Information


The RT Mini Clear Snow Guard offers economical value with maximum protection. The RT MINI is manufactured in a premium, high clarity polycarbonate with UV stabilizers. A two to one base to blade ratio, 4.5 square inch holding area, and the gusseted blade snow pocket combine to effectively retain snow. Well suited for adhesive, or mechanical attachments, the RTMINI features a blade “Snowflake” slot that accepts a metal color chip or custom emblem. These chips can be cut and installed in the field. Slot dimensions: width 1.850"/1.860", height 2.000"/2.030" and thickness .016"/0.050”.

For recommended installation use surebond adhesive, each tube adheres approximately 12-14 pieces.

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Additional Information

RT Mini Clear Snow Brake


Superior Protection With An Out-Of-Sight Look!!!

RT Mini Clear Snow Brake Features:
 - Premium quality high clarity polycarbonate plastic
 - Economical value with maximum protection
 - Low visibility to blend with roof materials
 - UV stabilized for strength and longevity
 - 4.5” square inch holding area
 - 2:1 base to blade ratio
 - 1.5” wide base to fit parapet ribbed roof channels
 - Gusseted blade snow pocket retains snow
 - Perimeter ribbing for longitudinal reinforcement
 - Attachment with SB-190 adhesive, screws or VHB Tape
 - 3 cored screw holes for mechanical attachment
 - Radius blade corners for safety
 - Forward blade position designed to resist torsional loads
 - Multi-directional tangential gussets resist lateral loads
 - Blade “Snowflake” slots accept custom emblem or color chip
 - For FREE custom layout service, call us @ 888-909-RAIN 

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