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Lucas Gutter Sealant

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Product Information


Lucas Gutter Sealant is a multipurpose thermoplastic elastomer based sealant. With exceptional adhesion, it is excellent for sealing gutter seams, end caps, outlet tubes and miters.  Lucas' SI-2 surface active agent even allows for strong adhesion in wet and underwater applications. 

Silver gray in color.  Each tube is 10 oz. 





Gutter Sealant is a multipurpose, nitrile elastomer based self-leveling sealant. Specifically designed as a narrow seam sealant for gutter lap joints. Low modulus and high elongation accommodate severe movement. Excellent adhesion to metal gutters including copper and Kynar®. For a non-sag, clear or colored sealant please refer to Lucas #6600 Universal ™ Terpolymer Sealant. Standard color is Aluminum.

Surface to be sealed must be clean. To use, cut tip to size and puncture seal. Maximum recommended joint width is 1/8 inch. Apply to the edge of the gutter lap and slide the two pieces together to ensure full contact. Apply a second 1/8 inch bead to the lap seam on the interior of the gutter. Please read the most current Lucas Product Data Bulletin and MSDS for this product prior to use. May be painted. For outdoor use only. Some paints may require up to one week cure time before application. Keep product warm prior to use.
Flammable mixture, keep away from heat and open flames. Avoid prolonged contact with skin or fumes. For outdoor use only. If irritation occurs seek medical attention. Do not use near heat or open flame. Keep out of reach of children. Read MSDS prior to use.

#5600 Specification

Recommended rate of applicationSee Application
% Solids by Weight40 min
Elongation ASTM D-4121200% min @ 77°F (25°C)
Tensile Strength300 PSI
VOC<4% or 40 g/l (compliant in all 50 states)
Flash Point (TCC)-4°F (-20°C)
Container Sizes10 oz. caulk tubes

Standard Color:

Information contained in this bulletin is offered gratis on the basis of our field experience and laboratory tests conducted carefully using modern equipment verified for accuracy. No warranty is expressed or implied beyond the purchase price of the material. We suggest that the user evaluate the products suitability for a particular use prior to application. We reserve the right to improve, change, or discontinue specifications and products without prior notice.

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