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Designer Copper Aluminum Rectangular Downspouts

$53.44 / 10FT

Product Information


Rectangular Designer Copper Downspouts are the standard for our Designer Copper K Style gutter system.  We carry 3x4” rectangular for both 5” and 6” K Style gutters. 3x4” are considered superior to 2x3” due to the larger amount of rainfall they can drain and because of their larger size, they are less prone to clogging. 

Our "Designer Copper" is an aluminum that has been painted and treated to capture the look of beautiful, weathered copper. Pure copper only stays shiny and bright for a short period of time, usually less than a year. However, our Designer Copper Aluminum products mimic the rich, textured look of dark copper that's about to patina. Unlike pure copper, Designer Copper Aluminum will not patina further.



3x4 = Gauge .019, 10 ft. lengths

Downspout diameters are sized according to the roof area they drain. The following is the general rule used in the industry:

2x3 = 600 sq. ft. of roof

3x4 = 1200 sq. ft. of roof

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