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Aluminum Half Round Gutter T Wedge

1 to 999: $1.37/EACH
1000 to 1999: $1.09/EACH
2000 to 2999: $1.01/EACH
3000 up: $0.93/EACH


Product Information


Supports 6" Half Round Gutters. The Half Round T Wedge eliminates difficult gutter installs. Saves time and money and works in any application. The half round T Wedge can be cut back to fit the back pitch of the fascia.

Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions

Instructions Of The Half Round Gutter Wedge

The Half Round T Gutter Wedge supports 6 inch half round gutters in any slanted or sloped application including crown molding, 1x2 trim board, etc.

Uniquely designed for simple installation and is totally adjustable.
- Gives 100% support against rain, snow, and ice
- Works with virtually all round gutters
- Keeps the gutters square and plum for years
- For K style applications use the Universal T Gutter Wedge

Angles That The Gutter Wedge Can Used For

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